See Washington’s Top Destinations in 48 Hours

CapitolWhat’s great about Washington is the superb transportation system to get you to point B from point A. Washington D.C is such a big place, yet if you have limited time to explore this city, it is also possible.

Cherry Tree Walk in Tidal Basin

Cherry BloomsLet’s start with some nature inspired destinations. Tidal basin is located at the Thomas Jefferson’s memorial. It has a Japan kind of vibe because of the rich colour of cherry blossoms. Visit this place during autumn, and there will more colours to fill your eyes. Don’t forget to bring your camera, so you can capture the beauty of this place. If you are a blogger who buy website traffic, a photo of this will surely bring visitors all over the world. Tidal Basin is a good mix of nature and infrastructure.


After a moment of serenity in Tidal Basin, you can ride a bus to Newseum. It’s time for American history. Newseum narrates the lives of important icons in American history like President Kennedy, President Lincoln, and so much more. The place is educating, and you can probably meet journalist trying to understand history. Here, you can check out thought-provoking photos of our century that won Pulitzer Prize. Aside from these educating materials, don’t forget to step out onto the terrace, and see the capitol building from afar.


Washington National Cathedral

Don’t miss Washington’s National Cathedral. It’s one of the oldest building in the city where you can find solemn moments for yourself. The design is gothic inspired. The builders were so serious in the design and took them 83 years to complete the whole building. Since it took 83 years to build, the cathedral is made of intricate walls. Everywhere you look, you can see the art of the past. Take a moment to connect with God in this cathedral. And while you’re in here, take a stroll and see for yourself the sweat and blood of the builders who have spent their lives building this majestic work.